Police Assessment Centre Role-Play Exercise

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The role-plays account for 57% of all marks available (72 marks) during your assessment centre. All four role-plays take approx 45 minutes to complete, with the addition of a 15 minute scripted brief before commencing.

Each role-play tests a minimum of five competency areas, plus the addition of Oral Communications. Initially you are given 5 minutes to read an exercise brief ‘preparation phase’ and make any necessary notes – each brief contains a memo from the Operations Manager asking you to meet with a customer, storeowner, pub owner and employee. In addition to the memo you also have supporting material such as a guards incident report, policies, operating procedures etc.

Candidates should use the 5 minutes preparation phase to list the skills they need to evidence in the room i.e. introduce themselves, be apologetic, promise to investigate and to take ownership of their complaint, ask appropriate clarifying questions. Do NOT use the 5 minutes preparation phase to copy the brief into your own words – an exact copy of the brief is also available in the room, so this would be a complete waste of time!

At the end of the 5 minutes preparation phase is a short 90 second wait until you are told to enter the room for the 5 minute activity phase. On entry you will be greeted by the role-actor – whom always speaks first! (Let them complete their sentence before introducing yourself). You now have 5 minutes to ask the necessary questions, where appropriate defend the actions of your colleagues, apologise for errors that have been made, and propose solutions to resolve the matter/s. Role-actors will behave inappropriately towards you – raise their voices, interrupt you, talk over you – you MUST ensure you remain calm, patient and professional – never shout at them unless you want to receive a grade D in resilience…

To help you understand a role-play exercise we will send one to you on request. Simply visit www.policeapplication.co.uk/role_play and we’ll forward an electronic copy for your attention. The exercise will be a full exercise including the role-play brief, role-actor script and the answers. This will give you a better understanding of the process and an idea of what the role-actors say an the skills you are require to evidence.

Our Recruitment Director of Police Application has been helping individuals join the police service since 2001.

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