A little spelling test for you – enjoy

The assessment centre requires you to achieve 44% or higher in written communications if you are to be successful. 66% of these marks come from your ability to use correct spelling and grammar in your written proposals.

Can you spot the 20 deliberate spelling mistakes below?

It was that time of year again where I definately need to get into the garden and collect up the leaves into seperate piles. This was neccessary to ensure bags are not too full. I have to remove my soveregn ring and wear a long sleeve pullover to ensure my Exzema is not agitated. I had a terrible time last year doing this after suffering severe Diarhoea, not recomended!

To ensure I collect all the leaves I have to move the dog’s accomodation, sometimes I gather large stones in amongst the leaves so I use my large garden seive to remove them. This is a mundane task, so this gives me time to think about other things.

In Febuary I am going to lobby the goverment, I must liase with my friend on the matter so when we visit the offices we can que together. This shud be fun; I hope he doesn’t make me feel arkward or embarassed, last year he decided to dance while we waited, witch was just wrong, he has terrible rhythmn, it’s as if his legs are not paralel with each other. Anyway that’s enough miscelaneous nonsense.

To view the correctly spelt version, see the article below and enter the word spelling where it asks for a password

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David Vidgen

David Vidgen is a former police recruitment manager responsible for overseeing all police recruitment marketing including application form and assessment centre practice days, recruitment website, adverts and community outreach programmes such as Gay Pride.