Need help with your police application form?

Do you need some help and guidance with your police application form? How would you like to get your hands on 20 great police application form answers for just £10? 20 great police application form competency question answers will help you devise your own answers to the competency questions featured in the 2015 police application form currently used by all forces in England and Wales including the MOD, British Transport Police and Civil Nuclear Constabulary. 20-great-police-application-form-answers

All 20 great answers have been written to help you understand what skills and behaviours you should include in your own answers, along with a checklist for each. The document includes:

  • Professionalism – 5 great examples of when you have intervened to take control of a situation.
  • Working with Others  – 5 great examples of when you have encouraged others to be more positive.
  • Decision Making – 5 great examples of when you have considered a number of options before making a decision.
  • Service Delivery – 5 great examples of when you have managed your time effectively in order to complete a task.

For just £35 you can get your hands on the 20 great police application form competency question answers, and have your draft answers checked by a police recruitment expert. Details can be found here.

Police Recruitment Advice

It is likely that more and more forces over the next few years will adopt the procedure of recruiting police constables internally, from existing Police Community Support Officers and Special Constables whom have served 18 months / 2 years or more. Certainly, this practice is currently being undertaken by the Metropolitan Police Service and I see more and more forces following suite.

One very important point before you contact any force that is currently recruiting Special Constables. You need to apply as a Special Constable to the force that you wish to serve as a Police Constable. The reason for this, is that service in this role counts for nothing outside the force you volunteer for. So if you are a Special Constable in say Thames Valley, the Metropolitan Police is very unlikely to consider you for the role of Police Constable, regardless of how long you have been a Special Constable. So if you want to be a Police Constable in say the Metropolitan Police, you need to become a Special Constable with the Metropolitan Police (not any other force).

Note: Not all forces are likely to adopt this process.

Practice Police Role-Play and Written Proposal Exercises

Did you know that you can buy practice police role-play and written proposal exercises for as little as £5.99?

If you looking to understand exactly how the role-plays work, the skills and behaviours you are required to evidence, or perhaps you are concerned about the written exercises and how to layout a written proposal? All the answers can be found at: a website owned a Recruitment Director of

Obtain a Police Application Form – Find out who’s recruiting…

Do you want to become a police officer, but are finding it difficult to to obtain an application form? Although most forces in England and Wales are currently closed, it's our business to know who's recruiting and when. So if you want to be kept in the loop in time to obtain an application form, simply complete the form below and we'll send you complimentary updates by email or text message.

Police Application Form : Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

Should I complete the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form contained within the police application form?

Our advice is not to complete this section of the form when submitting it to your chosen force, no matter what your ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation etc. It is completely voluntary to complete and will not hinder your application. The same cannot be said however if you do complete this section. We have evidence that this information is being used to either deselect candidates from the process or provide unwanted ‘special treatment’ that can cause animosity and tension once you are in the job. Our advice is to provide them these details once you have a firm letter of appointment or when you start, but not before.

Police Officer Application Form Competency Answers – 40 Great Examples

If you’re planning to become a police officer and you’re looking for advice and inspiration on how to complete the application form to the required standard, you can now purchase 40 Great Answers to the Police Officer Application Form for just £10.00.

This includes 10 great examples for each of the application form competency questions (Race and Diversity, Team Working, Resilience and Effective Communications), all designed to help and inspire you to devise your own answers to the required standard. Examples have been drawn from everyday life to help you identify with ease your own examples. 40 Great Answers to the Police Officer Application Form is an electronic document, available for immediate download once your payment has been made – so no waiting for the post to arrive!

In addition to this, if you want us to check your form to ensure it meets the required standard, you can purchase both the 40 Great Police Officer Application Form Answers and Police Application Form Checking Service for just £25.00

COMING SOON: 40 Great Answers to the Police Application Form

“It’s a must read for those seriously interested in passing the application form.” –  Recruitment Director and Course Tutor

40 great answers to the tough police application form competency questions

40 Great Answers to the Police Application Form Competency Questions will shortly be available for candidates applying to the police service who want to make sure their application form meets the required competency standard.

10 answers to each of the competency questions (40 in total), these flash cards are ideal to help you understand how to meet the required standard. They will stimulate your own minds and help you identify and relate to situations where you have used such skills effectively.

To register your interest in this product, visit:

Dispatched via Royal Mail within 24-48 hours

How long will it take me to join the police?

We are often asked how long it takes from the time you submit your application to the time you actually start your police career.

The quickest force in recent time has been the Metropolitan Police with clients of ours successfully completing the whole recruitment process in about 6-7 months. Most forces on average take around 12-16 months to complete, although some of our clients have been kept waiting 2 years by their respective forces.

With applications taking such a long time to complete this obviously has implications for those seeking to join as quickly as possible, especially those who may have been made redundant during the current recession. If you are going to apply to the police, here’s our advice:

  1. Be prepared for a two year recruitment process – that way if it is quicker it’s a bonus!
  2. Never give notice or leave your current employer until you have received a formal job offer from the service.
  3. Given the timescales you will have to wait if your initial application is rejected (6 months), it does pay to use our application checking service – the same applies for our 1-day assessment centre courses
  4. It may be sometime from initial application to assessment centre, use the time between now and then to practice your written skills, paying particular attention to your spelling and grammar as there is a required standard you must meet if you are to be successful.
  5. Expose yourself to different cultures and learn to be sensitive and adapt your behaviour so not to cause offence. For example, invite friends to dinner who may have religious or social reasons for not eating certain meats. Learn about their views and seek to adjust your behaviour by cooking different foods.
  6. Even if you are unhappy at work, do NOT go sick (unless of course you are actually ill!). Forces are not keen to recruit individuals whom have had more than 21 days sickness in the past 3 years – however, if you exceed this is does not necessarily mean you are rejected – it means they will investigate further.

If you have any questions and you would like to talk to someone who has actually worked in police recruitment please feel free to contact us – we are more than happy to give impartial advice.

Police Application Form : How to meet the required standard

A tip on completing the Police Officer application form…

Completing the application form may not be a science, but it is certainly a tick box exercise. Forces are looking for predetermined and keyphrase answers that tick all the necessary boxes.

Where most candidates go wrong is:

a) They try to produce answers with the WOW factor. Unfortunately words such as WOW, exciting, stimulating, high-energy are not keywords or phrases that they are looking for.

b) Candidates simply don’t answer the question

Let’s take a look at question 2 (Team Working) for example:

Question: Provide an example of when you worked in a team and you were willing to share in less attractive tasks.

(i) Tell us what had to be done

(ii) How was it you became involved

(iii) What did you do and others do?

(iv) How was it decided things were going to be done?

(v) What did you do to ensure the team were able to get the result it wanted?

(vi) What benefits were there for yourself (if any)

Given the question above: what is the most important quality they are looking for?

HERE IS THE ANSWER: Your willingness to share in less attractive tasks. This means in sub question (iii) – you clearly describe a less attractive task (using these exact words) that you undertook. AND, you tell them about the tasks that your colleagues performed – It”s not all about you!!!

In sub question (v) where you are asked what did you do to ensure the team got the result it wanted? What do you think needs to be mentioned here?

HERE IS THE ANSWER: You were willing to get involved in less attractive tasks and support your colleagues no matter how trivial the task may be.

In sub question (vi) what benefits were there for yourself (if any)?

HERE IS THE ANSWER: The main benefit was to see the team perform well together and for the team to get the result we wanted. There was no personal benefit.

TIP: When answering questions, use the same words that feature in the question (mirroring) – that way you can ensure that you are providing exactly what they are asking for…

If you want to guarantee your application form is accepted, the police application form help and checking service will ensure your application meets the required standard.

Benefits of the Police Application Form Checking Service

Do you want to guarantee that your police or PCSO application form meets the desired standard?

With more candidates chasing fewer positions it is even more important now that not only does your form meet the required standard, but if possible be one of those with the highest scores. Some forces put forward those with the highest scores first to their assessment centre!

Our application form checking service will not only guarantee that your form meets the required competency standard, but we’ll also ensure that it’s amongst those with the highest pass marks. We we continually work with you until your form is at this standard.

When you purchase this service, within approx 10 mins, you receive a unique login and password giving you immediate access to the required help / sample police competency question answers. No waiting 24 hours or the next working day!

Once you have produced and submitted your draft answers for evaluation, feedback is normally with you within 72 hours – often less where tight closing dates apply. We will then continually work with you until your form meets the high standard required, in most cases this can be achieved within the first feedback report.

The cost of this service is just £25.

More details… Police Application Form Checking Service