Met Police Day 1 Assessment Centre Course

Due to popular demand we are running two further day one MET police assessment centre courses on Saturday 21st May 2011, and Saturday 4th June 2011, both at the Thistle Hotel, M25 Junction 21a

On this course you will learn the exact skills required to perform during the assessment centre. It will cover the role play scenarios, written proposal exercises, structured competency interview; the course manual also includes example verbal logical reasoning and numerical reasoning (maths) tests.

Places are strictly limited to 8 persons to ensure that all attendees get the opportunity to practice the four role play exercises.

Full details of the course can be found at – police recruitment and assesment course

Surrey Police Assessment Centre Course

Passed the PLC? Now we can help you pass the police assessment centre course.

If your due to attend a police assessment centre soon, we’re running a course on Sat 11th Dec to prepare you. The course covers all aspects of the assessment day, but particularly focuses on the role-plays, written proposals and interview, as these account for 95% of all marks available.

  • Learn about the role-plays and the skills they are looking for you to evidence
  • Practice the four role-plays under exam conditions and receive a DVD with feedback on your performance
  • Learn about the written proposals and how to structure one
  • Identify the key skills and behaviours required to score highly in the interview

The course is being held on Sat 11th Dec in Slough. To find out more visit our main website:

Lincolnshire Police Assessment Centre Training Course 25th Sept 2010

Are you preparing for a police assessment centre with Lincolnshire Police? We are running a training course in Lincoln on Sat 25th Sept. On this course you will learn about the current exercises, the skills/behaviours required to pass an assessment centre. The course covers all aspects of the assessment centre includes role-plays, written proposals, interview etc, basically it will be a rehearsal of your real assessment!

A 200 page+ course manual containing practice exercises is provided – includes material that have been written to simulate the current assessment centre exercises

Over 90% of clients who attend an assessment centre course with are successful. These results speak for themselves…

All attendees will also each receive a FREE Police Fitness Training Programme and Bleep Test CD worth £20.00 to aid in your preparations for the police fitness test.

Full course details at:

Alternately, if you would prefer a one to one police assessment centre training course, further details can be found at:

Police assessment centre courses for Surrey Police and Lincolnshire Police

If your applying to Surrey or Lincolnshire Police and you want to find out exactly what the assessment centre entails and pass with 60% or more; our next highly worthwhile assessment centres courses are as follows

  • Saturday 25th Sept – Holiday Inn Express, Lincoln, LN6 7DB
  • Saturday 26th Sept 10, Holiday Inn Express, Mill Street, Slough, Surrey, SL2 5DD

The assessment centre process is the same for all forces in England and Wales. Therefore it does not matter which course you attend, the content of the training is the same regardless. All courses commence at 09:00 and finish at approx 18:00.

There are spaces currently available on each course, however places are strictly limited to 8 persons, so hurry to avoid disappointment.

Full details at:

Police Law & Community Course

Surrey Police Assessment Centre – Are you or have you recently completed the Police Law & Community Course? If your applying to Surrey Police as a police officer you’ll be aware that although you may have completed the above course, you still need to pass the police assessment process.

If you want to learn the skills required to pass this stage of the process, will be holding a 1-day police assessment centre training course in the Surrey area on Sun 26th Sept 2010. Further information can be found at: 1-day police assessment centre training course

Practice Police Assessment Role Play and Written Proposal Exercises

Are you concerned about the role play or written proposal exercises?  Practice exercises are now available from £5.99 each; it’s never been easier to learn, develop and practice the skills required to become a police officer or PCSO.

Each exercise has been carefully written to reflect the same skills as those required to evidence at assessment centre. The role plays come complete with exercise brief (the information you read prior to entering the room); the role actor scripts, so you can gain an insight into their behaviour and responses; plus the behavioural checklist (answers) so you can identify which skills are lacking and then of course work on those that need attention.

The written exercises again contain the exercise brief, plus we also provide you the behavioural checklist (answers) and a fully completed proposal document to give you an idea of layout and how to keep it simple…

It’s absolutely vital if you are going to pass you understand how this process works. Either prepare, or prepare to fail!

To find out more please visit our police recruitment exercises website at:

Police Officer Application Form Competency Answers – 40 Great Examples

If you’re planning to become a police officer and you’re looking for advice and inspiration on how to complete the application form to the required standard, you can now purchase 40 Great Answers to the Police Officer Application Form for just £10.00.

This includes 10 great examples for each of the application form competency questions (Race and Diversity, Team Working, Resilience and Effective Communications), all designed to help and inspire you to devise your own answers to the required standard. Examples have been drawn from everyday life to help you identify with ease your own examples. 40 Great Answers to the Police Officer Application Form is an electronic document, available for immediate download once your payment has been made – so no waiting for the post to arrive!

In addition to this, if you want us to check your form to ensure it meets the required standard, you can purchase both the 40 Great Police Officer Application Form Answers and Police Application Form Checking Service for just £25.00

COMING SOON: 40 Great Answers to the Police Application Form

“It’s a must read for those seriously interested in passing the application form.” –  Recruitment Director and Course Tutor

40 great answers to the tough police application form competency questions

40 Great Answers to the Police Application Form Competency Questions will shortly be available for candidates applying to the police service who want to make sure their application form meets the required competency standard.

10 answers to each of the competency questions (40 in total), these flash cards are ideal to help you understand how to meet the required standard. They will stimulate your own minds and help you identify and relate to situations where you have used such skills effectively.

To register your interest in this product, visit:

Dispatched via Royal Mail within 24-48 hours

Army Resettlement courses to help you become a police officer

A vast number of our clients are from those leaving the armed forces, whom wish to join the police service as police officers or PCSO’s.

We provide initial application form guidance and checking – this ensures that your form meets the required competency standard and avoids rejection at this early state of the recruitment process.

Once your application has been accepted and confirmation that it has met the required standard you are then called to attend an assessment centre. We can then offer you either a one to one assessment centre course, or if you prefer you can attend one of our group sessions that we run throughout the country. These courses are designed to teach and further develop your ability to perform role-plays, written proposals, complete a structured competency interview, numerical reasoning test, and verbal logical reasoning test. We teach you all the necessary skills to evidence your understanding of team working, resilience, problem solving, personal responsibility, race and diversity, community and customer focus, and effective communications. We run over 100 courses per annum and over 90% of our clients pass their assessment centre – our results speak for themselves.

A full 200 page course manual is provided. This provides sufficient material to  practice further role-plays, written proposals, structured interview, as well as practice maths and verbal logical reasoning tests

Full details about each of the courses are listed below:

…Life changing

I normally prefer to keep my blog strictly professional and somewhat emotion free. Yesterday however I was touched by a comment from one of my clients.

He had taken the time and expense to travel from London to attend my Birmingham police assessment centre course. At the end of the day he was thrilled with what I had taught him, in fact the course delivered way beyond his expectations. During this conversation he explained that while he was driving to the venue, he believed that by attending he was embarking on a life changing experience. It was this comment that really touched me.

For me teaching clients is my job and I am always constantly striving to improve the way I deliver courses, but up until yesterday I never really thought that what I do can be life changing. I suppose in this difficult recession time, there are some clients whom as a result of my police training and of course their hard work, successfully commence a life changing career.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my clients for their business, and if by seeking my assistance I have changed their lives, then rest assured I am equally grateful because by using my services, they too have contributed towards changing my life for the better.

I sincerely thank you all.
Recruitment Director