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Do you want to become a police officer, but are finding it difficult to to obtain an application form? Although most forces in England and Wales are currently closed, it's our business to know who's recruiting and when. So if you want to be kept in the loop in time to obtain an application form, simply complete the form below and we'll send you complimentary updates by email or text message.

COMING SOON: 40 Great Answers to the Police Application Form

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40 great answers to the tough police application form competency questions

40 Great Answers to the Police Application Form Competency Questions will shortly be available for candidates applying to the police service who want to make sure their application form meets the required competency standard.

10 answers to each of the competency questions (40 in total), these flash cards are ideal to help you understand how to meet the required standard. They will stimulate your own minds and help you identify and relate to situations where you have used such skills effectively.

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Can I use my police application form answers for my structured police interview?

If you want to obtain good grades in your interview then we do not recommend that you use the same examples as compiled in your application form. During your interview you will be asked a question on Community and Customer Focus – this did not feature in the application so you will need a new example to evidence these skills.

You will also need a new example for Team Working and Race and Diversity as the interview is asking you to evidence different skills to those tested in the application. For example Q2 in the application form (Team Working) was a time when you were willing to share in less attractive tasks. The interview tests different team working behaviours, so a new example will be required. The same will apply for Race and Diversity.

It is possible that you could use your Resilience answer in your interview, but that will depend on exactly what you wrote.

If you want to be 100% prepared for the assessment centre then we advise you to attend one of our police assessment group courses or book a one to one session.

Police Application Form : How to meet the required standard

A tip on completing the Police Officer application form…

Completing the application form may not be a science, but it is certainly a tick box exercise. Forces are looking for predetermined and keyphrase answers that tick all the necessary boxes.

Where most candidates go wrong is:

a) They try to produce answers with the WOW factor. Unfortunately words such as WOW, exciting, stimulating, high-energy are not keywords or phrases that they are looking for.

b) Candidates simply don’t answer the question

Let’s take a look at question 2 (Team Working) for example:

Question: Provide an example of when you worked in a team and you were willing to share in less attractive tasks.

(i) Tell us what had to be done

(ii) How was it you became involved

(iii) What did you do and others do?

(iv) How was it decided things were going to be done?

(v) What did you do to ensure the team were able to get the result it wanted?

(vi) What benefits were there for yourself (if any)

Given the question above: what is the most important quality they are looking for?

HERE IS THE ANSWER: Your willingness to share in less attractive tasks. This means in sub question (iii) – you clearly describe a less attractive task (using these exact words) that you undertook. AND, you tell them about the tasks that your colleagues performed – It”s not all about you!!!

In sub question (v) where you are asked what did you do to ensure the team got the result it wanted? What do you think needs to be mentioned here?

HERE IS THE ANSWER: You were willing to get involved in less attractive tasks and support your colleagues no matter how trivial the task may be.

In sub question (vi) what benefits were there for yourself (if any)?

HERE IS THE ANSWER: The main benefit was to see the team perform well together and for the team to get the result we wanted. There was no personal benefit.

TIP: When answering questions, use the same words that feature in the question (mirroring) – that way you can ensure that you are providing exactly what they are asking for…

If you want to guarantee your application form is accepted, the police application form help and checking service will ensure your application meets the required standard.