More Assessment Centre Myths…

The biggest challenge facing candidates is to know what it accurate advice and what is not. The vast majority of books on the market contain inaccurate advice and many websites contain information that is incorrect. We can guarantee that our material is 100% accurate because we have actually worked in Police Recruitment.  Here are a few common myths…

Myth Number 1:

I must achieve a good standard in the Numerical Reasoning Test (Maths)

Not true – The Numerical Reasoning Test only accounts for 2.5% of the overall marks and there is NO pass mark for this exam. You don’t even need to answer a single question correctly and you can still be appointed with a maximum score available of 97.5%

Myth Number 2:

I cannot score a D grade in any exercise.

Not true – you are NOT allowed to score a D grade in Respect for Race and Diversity of which this is tested 7 times during the course of the assessment day; however there are 36 other A-D grades available throughout an assessment, of which D grades are acceptable – although you need to keep them to a minimum if you are to meet the overall pass mark.

Myth Number 3:

I must have some knowledge of the police service.

Not true – The assessment centre does NOT at any point test your understanding or knowledge of the police service. This has already been tested within your application form and successful candidates will obviously receive the necessary police training.

Myth Number 4:

During my written proposal exercises I will be required to write a letter.

Not true – Since the National assessment centre process was introduced in 2004 you have never been required to write a letter. A written proposal is a combination of problems you have identified and your suggestions to resolve the matter. You will use a template provided to complete the exercise.

Myth Number 5:

If i fail my assessment centre I have to wait 12 months or more before I can reapply

Not true – You are eligible to reapply once 6 months has lapsed since you received notification of being unsuccessful. It will only be longer if your chosen force is currently closed for recruitment, this does not prevent you from choosing to apply elsewhere once the 6 months has lapsed.

If you want to find out exactly what skills are required to pass a police assessment, and you want peace of mind about the process and the individual exercises, then we recommend you attend one of our police training courses. Our Recruitment Director (Course Tutor) can offer you one to one police assessment coaching as well as 1-day assessment course.