Police Role Play A – Z Training Tool

We have just launched a new ‘police role play A-Z training tool’, a 29-page document that helps you understand the role play process, in particular:

  • The importance of listening and learning to ask appropriate clarifying questions
  • Learn to make appropriate recommendations
  • Asking the right questions and statements that evidence, community and customer focus, personal responsibility, resilience, team working, problem solving, race and diversity and effective communications
  • Room Layout
  • Preparation Phase
  • Interactive Phase

The price of the police role play A – Z training tool is £15.00 – Full details of the new product can be found at: Police Assessment Centre Practice Role Play Exercises

Not sure about whether to purchase?

Consider this…

You enter a role play room and you are greeted by an agitated male, pointing at you saying “hello my name is Mr Jones, I hope you are going to do something about that Customer Service Officer?”

Do you:

A) Politely interupt the man and ask him to stop pointing as this is rude?
B) Politely introduce yourself and ask him what the problem is?
C) Politely ask the gentleman to calm down and ask what the problem is?
D) Politely introduce yourself and ask him what he would like to see happen to the Customer Service Officer?
E) Politely introduce yourself and ask ‘how can I help you today?”

If you chose either A, B, C or E, i’m afraid these are NOT the behaviours they require you to evidence. If however you chose D, well done you are a natural!

We recently sent a complimentary copy of the police role play A – Z training tool to persons who attended one of our 1 day workshops. Here is some of their feedback:

“I think it is a very useful document. I think that it would be a useful training tool and something you could charge for on your website, however I don’t think it is any substitute for the course, but also would not really be suitable for use on the course- although it seems that’s not your intention anyway. The writing is very clear and there is enough information in the document to provide a very comprehensive guide to the roleplays. I like the way that is is not simply a “to-do” list and actively engages you and encourages the candidate to think about the situation. If you were to sell it on your website I would think a reasonable price would be £20- although I speak as a person who is currently on a relativity small income so you may generally have a different customer base.” Simon

“I’ve read through the police role play A – Z training tool, again very informative but as I had done the one day course they were fairly obvious. However I don’t think I would of been as successful prior to your one day course, as I such I see it is a useful tool to a candidate, especially one that hasn’t attended a assessment previously. I think a reasonable price would in the area of £15-£20 as the test not only gives you the correct answers but the reasons behind why they are the correct answers.” Jon

“I looked over the police role play A – Z training tool you sent and this would be a valuable tool in assisting in the role plays.  Fee wise I would say at a ball part figure of around £35-£45 would be a resonable price to aim at.” Priyesh

This article has been written by former police recruitment manager David Vidgen.

Why so many people fail the police assessment centre

The police assessment centre process without doubt is the most difficult stage of the police recruitment process. Approx 70% are unsuccessful at this stage, and there are many reasons for failure.

The most common reason for candidates to fail is that they are not prepared. Initially they fail to read any of the pre-read documents made available to them prior to police assessment centre. This alone though, will not be enough, you need to do more and undertake some research and training. Nearly every candidate I have taught, at the end of the training course states “had they not attended, they are sure they would have NOT been successful.” Many ask, just how would anyone pass, without attending a course?

The assessment centre process is a tick-box exercise where the answers are predetermined. Assessors are looking at your ability to demonstrate these answers, so in simple terms you either state what they are looking for and pass, or you don’t and fail. On my course, you learn exactly what skills are required and why…

Another reason for failure is that candidates are just not used to having to perform under exam conditions. This again can be overcome by attending a course. On my policeapplication course you practice with myself under exam conditions. (TIP:) This helps alleviate anxiety and fears, plus prepares your body and mind for what’s coming up. You also leave the course with materials that you can again simulate exam conditions when practicing at home.

Another major reason for rejection can be found where applicants serve as Special Constables or PCSO’s. In the case of serving Specials, many believe they are doing the role, so will fail to prepare or give the assessment process the attention it requires. This is most certainly going to result in rejection. (TIP:) The assessment process does NOT test your police knowledge or your understanding of the role. It tests transferable skills such as Community and Customer Focus. For example: how many meetings have you ever attended where the chair of the meeting asks you what you want to achieve from today’s meeting? I’m guessing never…it just doesn’t happen in the real world – although actually this is a very good approach to meetings, as the outcome is put on the table, and you spend the meeting talking about how to achieve such outcomes, and managing any expectations. (TIP:) In the assessment process, in three of the four role plays, you are expected to ask the role-actor what they want to achieve from the meeting or see happen?

Another skill that is in short supply is the ability to apologise when required. In fact many companies train their staff not to apologise as this can be portrayed as admitting liability. This of course is not the case, you are merely just apologising and sympathising that they feel errors have been made, or (TIP:) more should have been done.

With few forces recruiting because of government cuts, and competition for places at an all time high, it is strongly recommended that you take my advice, attend a course, it will save you a lot of time and will significantly reduce the risk of failing. A full list of available police recruitment courses can be found at: policeapplication.co.uk

(TIP:) = Coaching tip and recommend action you should take

Police assessment centre courses for Surrey Police and Lincolnshire Police

If your applying to Surrey or Lincolnshire Police and you want to find out exactly what the assessment centre entails and pass with 60% or more; our next highly worthwhile policeapplication.co.uk assessment centres courses are as follows

  • Saturday 25th Sept – Holiday Inn Express, Lincoln, LN6 7DB
  • Saturday 26th Sept 10, Holiday Inn Express, Mill Street, Slough, Surrey, SL2 5DD

The assessment centre process is the same for all forces in England and Wales. Therefore it does not matter which course you attend, the content of the training is the same regardless. All courses commence at 09:00 and finish at approx 18:00.

There are spaces currently available on each course, however places are strictly limited to 8 persons, so hurry to avoid disappointment.

Full details at: www.policeapplication.co.uk/services/1-day-course/